George Galloway’s prudery

The London and Brighton World Naked Bike Rides for 2018 went off brilliantly as usual. They are such an expression of joy and affirmation of life and receive an overwhelmingly positive response from the public.

This was in marked contrast to the EDL march in London that was happening at the same time. Some of the EDL supporters were heard mouthing obscenities, hate and general nastiness aimed at the peaceful nude people riding to celebrate life, to campaign for better bike facilities and have less use of cars on the roads.

As naturists have often pointed out, it is not illegal to be nude in public in the UK. At long last the police have issued guidance to officers that lays out that law, it explains exactly how to treat naturists or nude people going about their normal business, gardening, walking in the countryside, cycling etc.  In the face of that, it is remarkable how the ignorant and misinformed react. George Galloway was tweeting about the Mayor of London “suspending the law of indecent exposure”. Such ignorance is not surprising from the doyen of the lunatic fringe of politics but some listen to him.  They shouldn’t as his simple plea to prudery has two major flaws, one is that the Mayor has no powers to suspend law and secondly, the law of indecent exposure exists only in his imagination. He of course would claim to be a leader in inclusive politics, to protect the rights of minorities to go about their lives in a peaceful respected manner yet he does not understand that going nude is no different in principle to wearing a hijab or a turban. The man who shook the hand of Saddam Hussein and had later to apologise ought to man up and apologise for his outrageous hate speech against innocent nude people. I doubt he will, his prudery is far too ingrained. Sad really.

Links:- Public Nudity Advice and Decision-making Aid from the College of Policing.

Crown Prosecution Service:- Nudity in Public, guidance on handling cases of naturism.

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A life long naturist. I seek to live in a fair and provably just society, one free from prejudice and hypocrisy.
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2 Responses to George Galloway’s prudery

  1. And George Galloway’s ignorance and prudery also exists in the police. I was riding in the Portsmouth WNBR, when a male bystander called to one of the PC’s escorting us “Is that allowed?”. To which the policeman replied, “It’s a scheduled event”. Implying that if it wasn’t so it wouldn’t be allowed. The simple and more truthful answer would have been ” Yes, nakedness is completely lawful”.


  2. Quite right and the link to the guidance for police offiers from the College of Policing that says just.


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