Nude or clothes optional?

Naturists argue about whether nudity should be compulsory at naturist events or resorts but such an argument cuts right across the main problem that naturists face in society.

The very fact that naturists have to form groups and associations to fight organised prudery is a direct result of others using legal or social pressure to make people conform to their wishes. Without these people, nudity would go unnoticed in many places and the need to have nude only resorts and events would never have materialised. There are no associations that pursue jeans only resorts or events because no organised opposition has ever been faced by those who chose to wear jeans. Jeans are frowned upon in some settings but nowhere is strong or even legal action taken against those who wear them. The central issue therefore is about one group of people trying to force their will on others. In a society that embraces inclusion and that celebrates diversity and equality it makes no sense at all to introduce rules that impose the will and opinion of one group on others. It is the imposition that is most objectionable not the differences in opinion.

If diversity is valued and the scourge of prejudice is to be eliminated then a sense of freedom should be encouraged but that freedom will result in non-conformity, it will lead automatically to a range of behaviours and modes of dress. Provided that such behaviour or modes of dress do not incite hate or violence then no sanction at all should be applied to force people to conform, despite such behaviour or modes of dress not being to the taste of all. Freedom means that if one person dislikes the mode of dress of another then no action of any kind should be taken, not even a display of disapproval. Dislike or even offence is irrelevant in a free world.

If I tell people that I make furniture for fun, I never expect them to put the same time, effort and money into doing the same. People are often interested, even impressed by the results but not once has anyone taken up the challenge of doing the same thing nor even said they would like to; they are happy to leave me to follow my interests whilst they follow theirs. The same is noted if I tell them I try hard to take high quality photographs and all that implies in time, effort and money, the same again when I tell them I write software for small computers, etc. etc. This strikes me as entirely normal behaviour because when they tell me of their interests, I do not instantly set out to emulate them either. Freedom of expression is preserved.

The world is a diverse place made up of people following their own desires and interests and as long as each does not overly affect anyone else, people should continue with those interests without interference. It is only when a group take it upon themselves to impose their will on others that trouble starts. The history of humanity is replete with examples, wars and mass misery have come about as a direct result of such behaviour, usually in the name of religion but it also arises from other belief systems that value conformity.

Enforced conformity is the enemy of a free, diverse and inclusive society. Naturists are at pains to explain the benefits of a nude lifestyle and how they find such a way of life is beneficial. One of the reasons cited will be the sense of freedom felt when without clothes. To then try to force nudity on others is completely at odds with such a sense of freedom.

At some naturist resorts it is common to see people dress in the evening, that is their choice. Those who stay nude are doing so because that is their choice. One group should not seek to control the other, the goal is tolerance so even if just one person in the entire resort remains nude, as long as their choice is respected, what on earth is the problem?

About Howard Anderson

A life long naturist. I seek to live in a fair and provably just society, one free from prejudice and hypocrisy.
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2 Responses to Nude or clothes optional?

  1. greenbare says:

    I agree in theory about choice, but I have been the only naked person at a CO resort and felt “out of place” among all the clothing. Sure, in the cool of the evening put on a jacket. But in the sun of the afternoon, if someone wants to be fully dressed why take up space at a CO resort? Are they just there to ogle the nudies?


  2. I have been at le Cap d’Agde in the evening when almost everyone was dressed so I know the out of place feeling but the solution is to work on one’s own attitude. When I am at home in the garden, I am usually the only one nude but now having worked on my own attitudes I can feel comfortable chatting to the neighbours. When at a resort, stay confident and dress as you please, do not dress to please others, doing that is simply to go belly up. The rest are there to nude in the daytime so none will “object” to nudity even if their own levels of confidence are lower than yours.
    Are some there to ogle? Possibly but more and better confidence over nudity will make that less of a problem.


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