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Nullius in verba

When I stared a naturist blog 6 years ago, a friend asked me how it was going. Patricia is not a naturist but is someone who lives by the same motto as the Royal Society, ‘Nullius in verba’:- take nobody’s … Continue reading

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31 ideas in Support of Naturism

This is a greatly shortened and edited version of a file called 205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism compiled in 1996 by K. Bacher and freely available from various internet sites. PDF available here:- 31 ideas in Support … Continue reading

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On being one of a minority

It seems to be common practice for members of large or majority beliefs to ridicule or disadvantage those who hold a minority belief. There are the big issues such as the wars in Afghanistan or the inter racial wars in … Continue reading

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Naturist’s Cultural Cringe

In a recent TV programme there was a comment that people should moderate their language “because there are Methodists about”. On the face of it, that seems very reasonable, no use offending people for no good reason, but it begs … Continue reading

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